• GTS provides guidance to IT organizations concerning strategy, enterprise architecture, project delivery with a DevOps approach, and IT Service Management optimization for operations. Our goal is to:
    • position IT to be a partner in the success of your business,
    •  ensure the technology architecture aligns with business needs for future growth,
    • direct IT projects and service delivery to set your company up for long term success.
  • We have extensive IT Consulting Experience defining and implementing actionable IT operational effectiveness recommendations for large and mid size client organizations, including:
    • Establishment of Enterprise Architecture practice
    • Adoption of DevOps practices and approaches to enhance project delivery quality
    •  Adoption of Microservices practices and approaches to enhance project delivery quality


GT-DataSafe© Online Backup for Amazon Storage Services 3.0 is released

GT-DataSafe© is a comprehensive online backup solution enabling everyday PC user to easily backup, restore, access, and share data. GT-DataSafe   continuously monitors your selected folders and files, looking for changes, and when a change is detected, it is backed up to an Amazon storage data center of your choice, even while you still have the file open.
Very seldom do companies or individuals fully recover from loss of critical data. GT-DataSafe will backup all your critical data and documents automatically to AS3, and when your data changes it will automatically backs up the changed data.
GT-DataSafe enables you to keep as many versions of your data as you like. You can set GT-DataSafe to discard older versions automatically that you would no longer need, lowering your storage costs. Your data is secured with 192 bit encryption using either a PKCS certificate or a password of your choice.
With GT-DataSafe You do not need to worry about backup media or where to store it, your backups are always online and you can access it from any computer with the right AWS key and password.
GT-DataSafe makes your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable Read more