• GTS provides practical cost effective reliable iOS App development services. GTS will identify business/project needs, define the requirements, architecture design for the App, and develop the App.
  • Genetic Thought Software (GT) products empower our clients to work more efficiently and more productively. Many of the world’s leading financial services, telecom, life sciences, retail organizations, Oil and Gas, and Utilities organizations use our products and services to grow revenues while reducing risk and cost.
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    • Continuous Backup.
    • Suspend and Resume Backups.
    • Just set it and forget it.
    • Media Free.
    • File Versioning.
    • Backup Retention.
    • 192 Bit Encryption.
    • Manual Mode.
  • GT-Archiver



    • Record Management Solution  WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007
    • Works with Amazon AS3 Storage
    • Search archived documents
    • Enforce encryption and storage Standards  
  • BizTalk Error Manager

    BizTalk Error Manager


    • Simplify the Administration of BizTalk Based Solutions.
    • Reduce the required effort and time to develop new Solutions.
    • Ready solution to managing all the errors and failures on your BizTalk Group.
    • Easy to use intuitive user interface .
  • Our Consulting Services provides practical cost effective reliable software solutions. Our core expertise lies in our disciplined approach for clearly identifying business needs, choosing appropriate technology and executing projects within scope, on time and within budget.
  • Our team consists of certified consultants and technical experts with proven track records; professionals who are committed to understanding your business needs and are willing to go the extra mile to deliver solutions tailored to the exact requirements of your business and industry.


New Licensing Model

Genetic Thought have changed the licensing model for its software products. All software products would offer a free Community license with limited functionality. This change in licensing model would take effect for all new products and new releases of our software products.