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    • Continuous Backup.
    • Suspend and Resume Backups.
    • Just set it and forget it.
    • Media Free.
    • File Versioning.
    • Backup Retention.
    • 192 Bit Encryption.
    • Manual Mode.
  • GT-Archiver



    • Record Management Solution  WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007
    • Works with Amazon AS3 Storage
    • Search archived documents
    • Enforce encryption and storage Standards  
  • BizTalk Error Manager

    BizTalk Error Manager


    • Simplify the Administration of BizTalk Based Solutions.
    • Reduce the required effort and time to develop new Solutions.
    • Ready solution to managing all the errors and failures on your BizTalk Group.
    • Easy to use intuitive user interface .
GT-Archiver For SharePoint
BizTalk Error Manager

GT-DataSafe© is a comprehensive online backup solution enabling everyday PC user to easily backup, restore, access, and share data. GT-DataSafe   continuously monitors your selected folders and files, looking for changes, and when a change is detected, it is backed up to an Amazon storage data center of your choice, even while you still have the file open.
Very seldom do companies or individuals fully recover from loss of critical data. GT-DataSafe will backup all your critical data and documents automatically to AS3, and when your data changes it will automatically backs up the changed data.
GT-DataSafe enables you to keep as many versions of your data as you like. You can set GT-DataSafe to discard older versions automatically that you would no longer need, lowering your storage costs. Your data is secured with 192 bit encryption using either a PKCS certificate or a password of your choice.
With GT-DataSafe You do not need to worry about backup media or where to store it, your backups are always online and you can access it from any computer with the right AWS key and password.
GT-DataSafe makes your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

GT-Archiver is a Records Management System for WSS3.0 and MOSS 2007. GT-Archiver saves the backed up documents on Amazon Storages Services giving you an inexpensive and reliable way to keep your documents for as long as you need them. GT-Archiver integrates naturally with SharePoint, both versions the Windows Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

  • Fully integrated Record Management Solution for SharePoint both WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 working with Amazon Storage freeing your organization’s local resources.
  •  Users can search archived documents from the current site and retrieve documents instantly
  • Use a single Amazon account for the whole web application or different account for each site
  • Enforce encryption and storage location (Europe or US) on the whole web application level.
  • Automatically and/or manually archive and /or backup documents to Amazon Storage.
Download a fully functional 15 days Trial.
BizTalk Error Manager


BT Error Manager is a BizTalk solution that integrates with your BizTalk implementations and applications. It provides an off the shelf solution to managing errors and failures that result from unexpected conditions or corrupt messages. This simplifies the administration and management of your deployed BizTalk solutions, reduces the required effort to develop and deploy new BizTalk based solutions.

Download a full functioning version  BT Error Manger
Reade more about BT Error Manager at www.BizTalkGear.com
The following is a summary of the features and advantages:
  • Simplify the Administration of BizTalk Based Solutions.
  • Reduce the required effort and time to develop new Solutions.
  • Ready solution to managing all the errors and failures on your BizTalk Group.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Ease to use intuitive user interface allows you to.
  • Define how to handle the different. Errors based on the error attributes.
  • Easy GUI to view and review the errors in the BizTalk group.
  • Generate reports on the errors in the system to view, export , or print.
Order BT Error Manager ™ online and receive a license by email.  (License price is $599.99 USD per BizTalk Server)
GT Observer


The GT Observer is a standalone windows application, that navigates and explores OLAP cubes developed by MS Analysis Services (SQL Server). It replaces and enhances the current practice of using MS Excel to interrogate OLAP cubes by defining pivot tables. Order online and receive a license by email. (License price is $45USD)


Using iWeightMan you will be able to track your diet habits, workouts and how they affect your weight changes. You can choose to track either the calories you burn though workouts or utilize other measuring schemes such as setting a meal point-value based on calories, fat, fiber and other factors. iWeightMan is flexible in enabling you to choose how you track your diet. 

The process starts by setting a target of maximum points that you consume daily. Your target is that total point-value of meals consumed less the point-value of workouts does not exceed that target you set. You can also assign a weekly point allowance in case you exceed the daily target, where the excess would be deducted from the weekly allowance. You should strive not to exceed your daily target and weekly allowances. 

  • Track your Weight, Diet, Workouts, number of water cups you drink 
  • Find out your eating habits and how it affects your weight 
  • Charts to enable you to correlate your weight with meals, drinks, and workouts 
  • Reports to view your historical meals, weight, workouts, and drinks 
  • Email your history and the chart to you dietian ,doctor, personal trainer, or yourself for review 
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface 

With iWeightMan on your iPhone or iPad it is easy to keep track of your diet habits, workouts, no need to log on to a web site, or internet access.

Please check iTunes for more information.