MuleSoft: File:List Interesting Observation

Working with MuleSoft file connector, I was expecting that the File->List ( operation would return a list of fileInfo objects (you know path, size etc) but it actually it returns a list of the contents of the files in the directory. This seemed odd to me as the documentation states

“The List operation returns a List of Messages, where each message represents any file or folder found within the Directory Path (directoryPath). By default, the operation does not read or list files or folders within any sub-folders of directoryPath.
To list files or folders within any sub-folders, you can set the recursive parameter to

Here is the sample I was working with

I was intending to put a read file operation in the foreach however that just gave me an error

Here is sample of the logged messages

That was a head scratch-er I thought I had done some mistake in the list parameters, but it seems that is how the file connector list operator works. Below you will see that part of the message for each fine the typeAttributes have the fileInfo information.

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