MuleSoft, Copying Logs

Anypoint platform control plane allows you to access the logs for cloud hub and on-premises deployments. However depending on the organization subscription for on-premises deployments the logs might not be available. I had a client who had such a subscription. While the admin had access to the VM, the Mule support team did not have access to the VM. In order to resolve this issue I created a simple solution that would copy the logs to an FTP server that Mule support team had access to.

Logs Copier Flow

The Flow fires every (schedule.everyminutes), Sets the SinceDateTime to Now – ½ schedule.everyMinutes. If there are any files changed, for each file:

  1. Set the file name to year/filename 
  2. Call the save file Flow. 

The Save file Flow is shown in below.

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